Welcome to our public repository! Here you will find all the things related to myGPTBrain. The new features that we are building, new marketing ideas that we are in the process with, our public roadmap, & much more.

We are on the mission of helping people understand difficult-to-understand & comprehend contexts in a simple language. We have already started this mission by launching the V1.0 & have many more features in the pipeline that collide with this mission of ours.

If you are new here, we recommend that you go through this blog of ours. We walk through the journey of starting myGPTBrain, how it fairs with its competitors, & what future plans we have.

What is myGPTBrain?

If you’d like to know how to use the product, the UI/UX, the features that we have at launch, please refer to this video for a detailed walkthrough.


We also have a very detailed user guide that educates you with every feature and how to use them. The guide contains GIFs about using the product.

User Guide

If you are really keen on our developments, the bugs we fix, & would like to know what features we are building, you can check this pages below.


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If you would like to know more about our privacy practices and our terms of use, please refer to the below documents.

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